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Dance of the Wood Spirits (2007)

The Vedan Kolod group performs traditional ethnic and folk music based on Siberian and Russian culture. The group's repertoire includes folk Russian songs, songs of Siberian immigrants, ancient  Russian texts, instrumental compositions, throat singing, and author's songs. In the records and concerts of the Vedan Kolod band you can often hear ancient Slavic instruments, such as Scythian horn, harp, zhaleyka, gudok, slavic bagpipe, slavic drums, etc.

The group was formed in Krasnoyarsk, Tatyana and Valery Naryshkins. The basis of creativity is the reconstruction of the musical culture of Ancient Russia, when instrumental music was closely intertwined with the vocal. Also Valery Naryshkin is a master of ancient Slavic instruments, which he makes in his studio-studio Narval.