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Various - Celtomania (2002)

Style: world music , Celtic Music
Region: Western and Central Europe / Celts
Label: Sketis Music
Source: CD
Edition type: jewel box, 4-р booklet

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CD features traditional and composed pieces performed by Moscow-based groups "Art Ceilidh", "Si Mhor" (Hill Dwellers) and "Telenn Gwad". We hope that every Celtic folk fan will find something interesting in the album, because it features various styles that fall into the category of "Celtic music" – from traditional versions of romantic ballads and folk tune to the experimental electronics.

1. За Тридевять Земель / In A Land Far Far Away (Art Ceilidh)
2. Day Falls (Telenn Gwad)
3. Iron Legs Set ‎– Iron Legs / Tabletop Hornpipe  (Si Mhor)
4. The Dunes (Si Mhor)
5. Echoes In The Glen (Art Ceilidh)
6. Dancing Marion (Art Ceilidh)
7. Sun Of Your Love (Telenn Gwad)
8. Owner Of Nothing (Art Ceilidh)
9. The Swedish Jig (Si Mhor)
10. Over The Rainbow (Telenn Gwad)
11. Wife In Every Port / Wife In Every Port Reel (Si Mhor)
12. Swallow's Tail Set ‎– Old Hag, You Have Killed Me / Swallow's Tail Jig  (Si Mhor)
13. Song O' The Song (Art Ceilidh)
14. Swallow's Tail (Si Mhor & Art Ceilidh)
15. Dos Tontos E Paellia (Art Ceilidh) (live)
16. Faith Healer Set (Si Mhor) (live)
17. Le Colomb (Telenn Gwad) (live)

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