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Sergey Starostin - Sergey Starostin ‎– At Home (Live, 2004)

Style: Folklor (traditional), world music
Region: Russia / Volga area / Urals
Label: Dom Records
Source: CD
Edition type: jewel box, 12-р booklet

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Concert-improvisation, concert-conversation, concert-travel. The concert by Sergey Starostin at the cultural center DOM took place back in 2003, but despite the past years, this recording is still relevant and lively.
Together with Sergey Starostin, Sergey Klevensky (clarinet, whistles, gaida, hulusi), Ilya Maziya (armenian duduk) and Ilya HMZ (sound, noises, samples, electronics) participated in the recording of the concert. The last track of the album in which Sergey Starostin will sing along with the famous Buena Vista Social Club will be a surprise for the listeners. Enjoy!

Sergey Starostin ‎– voice, clarinet, horn, gusli, double flutes
Sergey Klevensky ‎– clarinet, teen whistle, low whistle, gaida, hulusi
Ilya Mazia ‎– armenian duduk
Ilya Hmz ‎– concert sound engineer, noises, samples, electronics

Recorded at a concert in DOM on March 30, 2003
Ilya Hmz ‎– recording and mastering
Igor Gurovich ‎– design
Photo from the archive of Sergei Starostin
Nadya Bakuradze ‎– editor
Nikolay Dmitriev and Rustam Suleimanov ‎– producers

1. Do not tell Masha 
2. About goat 
3. May 
4. The suffering of the father 
5. Interlude I 
6. Mother has sent Vanya
7. Oh, you're Vanya 
8. Interlude II 
9. The girls took each other's hands
10. Interlude III
11. The reeds rustled, the trees bent 
12. Avant-garde
13. Quail
14. Interlude IV
15. And in meadows
16. Oh, Yes his wife Yes it was Mary
17. Interlude V
18. While he was young, grief was not 
19. Lullaby-horror story 
20. Epitaph 

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