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Majas - Majas - Drevo (2015)

Style: Drums, world music , Drum fusion
Region: Russia / Volga area / Urals , East / Asia / India / China / Japan
Label: Bomba-Piter
Source: CD
Edition type: 6p digipack

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Brand: Majas

MājāS – is a percussion music band from St. Petersburg. Although the band is quite young (firstconcerts took place in September, 2009), it is already well-known both in their home-city and abroad.
There are various types of songs which one can hear on MājāS’s concerts: covers of well-known pieces played on djembes (African drums) and percussion; their own songs, invented together and played on different percussion instruments which come from different parts of the world: Djembe (West Africa), Bongas (Cuba), Congas (Latin America); dijereedoo (Australia), Darabuka (Livan), Cajon (Peru), Maracases (Antilles) etc. And this variaty of instruments is so-to-say in tune with the characters and origins of the musicians.Ivonna came to St. Petersbur from Riga (Latvia),Kirill Serov – from Tolyatti (mid.Russia), Peppi Galkina – from Norilsk (north Russia), Fiona – from Vyborg (Russian-Finnish border). Only for three participants of the band St. Petersburg is the home-city – Sasha, Katya and Shama.
In the end of January 2009 the first lesson in percussion school called Afroambient which takes it’s origins from the Latvian band Afroambient, which Ivonna used to play in with Nils Ile, the best known percussionist in the Baltic region.
Ivonna had no idea that in the very first group of students she’d find her future stage friends. In half a year new band called Afroambient.SPb had their first gigs in the city.
One of the obvious reasons for that was Shama – beside wonderful, beautiful voice she also is now studying at the University and will become a show director. She is the creator of lots of new ideas and the one who inspires the band to find the right expressions of them. Later, Kirill Serov, the real one-man band from Tolyatti, joined the band.
MājāS combines ethno sounds with different styles which make them sound in a new, unsual way. Cover versions of well-known jazz songs, like “Fever” or “Hey, Pachyco”, gentle and touching “Af echad” and “Mimaamakim” sung in hebrew, as well as Kung Fou, Safari or Umbata, created by MājāS – that’s what one will here during the show.
MājāS means “Home”. Welcome!

1. Shosholoza
2. First Name Last Name
3. Fly
4. Tree
5. Volen
6. Joshua
7. Panda
8. Femida
9. Umbata
10. Yarylo
11. Dip

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