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Ensemble Ulger – Aidym (2002)

Studio recordings of Khakass folklore performed by the ULGER ensemble under the guidance of the famous master of playing the national instrument chathane and the narrator of the Khakass epic Yevgeny Ulugbashev. Participants of the ensemble, except Ulugbashev, are the best folk instrumentalists and singers of Khakassia.
The folklore ensemble "Ulger" was created in 1989 and since then is the leading collective of the Khakass Republican Philharmonic. V. G. Chaptykova.
The first artistic Director of the ensemble - honored artist of Russia Pavel Kim.Currently, the ensemble is headed by honored artist of the Republic - Evgeny Ulugbashev.
Translated from Khakass "Ulger " means"Constellation". And it's actually like this: "Ulger" is a constellation of brilliant musicians who are in love with the songs of their native land. It is also a constellation of amazing Khakass songs, tales and legends that members of the ensemble give to their listeners.
Folk song and dance ensemble "Ulger" is not accidentally called the pearl of Khakassia. It is distinguished from other national groups by its absolute authenticity. "Ulger" deliberately refuses to stylize. Instead, the musicians of the ensemble bit by bit collect and recreate folklore material on the stage. They don't make national music. The programs of the ensemble are the real art of the indigenous inhabitants of Khakassia. Each concert of "Ulger" is a journey through the centuries and the opportunity to see the dance, which was admired in the Khakass steppe by our ancestors. To hear the songs that sounded in Khakass yurts.
Everything from the plots and melodies of the songs to the instruments and details of the costume is real here.
It is for this authenticity and sincerity that Ulger is loved not only in Khakassia, but also in Russia and abroad.